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Frank always defaults to this face whenever Joe’s talking.

I know it might not be the most interesting content, Frank, but at least try to look interested. You’re acting very rude right now.

hahahaha he`s like why is this motherfucker still talking

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Nancy Drew #30 came in the mail on Friday and I cannot be more excited to play it :)

Don’t worry, we won’t be making memes immediately, and when we do we will tag them as “spoiler” as well as with the name of the game for as long as we feel necessary.

And if we stop tagging them that way and you still want them to be, please let us know! We’ll gladly add the extra “spoiler” tag, no added charge c;

Did anyone else pre-order the bonus addition?

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Congrats on graduating! And good luck on the job hunt

aw thank you! You’re the sweetest c:

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shhh we’re still alive I promise! College graduations are coming up and in turn, so is the cursed job hunt! So we’ve been busy :c and will continue to be a little busy.


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